27 January 2011


I leave the house at 7 every morning and cross the island to the school I teach at, tucked in a valley in the far north of the island. This photo was caught out the car window on my way to work.
Happy Friday to you all.... I for one am sooooo glad it's here.
Has been one of those weeks, not time for Maltese lessons, not even time for Zumba class
(which is mighty fun!)
the finale to a crummy week was slamming my own hand in the car door - have a black thumb today.

25 January 2011

Wednesday's Cornerview: Favourite Artist

This was a hard choice but here is one I certainly am fond of, Carl Larsson, I like his  gentle calm window onto family life. His ability to paint snow with all it's subtle textures in the northern light of winter. lastly I  like his pallet of colours. 

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