29 October 2009

film time

Last weekend I went to see the film Julie and Julia, and loved it. So so enjoyed it. Could be because i am missing the states just a little bit (the Halloween/Thanksgiving season can do that). It may be partly to the fact that I could relate a bit with the blogger story line (bar the fame part)  but probably has more to do with the fact that I have always been a fan f Julia Child and I do think that Meryl Streep did a fantastic job. If you are debating seeing this film- just go- see it, it's good. Good food, good music and a little window on a particularly sweet marriage.

Oddly enough, after not seeing a film in what feels like ages and ages I actually managed to see two last weekend.  The other was our first family film outing, we went  to see UP (popcorn and all) and enjoyed that too...  Really made us smile ( the Mr. and I ) kids all liked it too.  So there you have it - two film recommendations right here from the epicentre of culture and class, miracle alley,  malta!
 BTW That seriously is the name of our street.

27 October 2009


Candles, cakes and balloons! Little D (also known as Stella) had a bumper time, I think she just couldn't get over that the songs, presents and the cake were all for her (who me.??!! seemed to be the look on her face throughout the day). This was followed by sheer glee and delight- chocolate cake I can put my hands into!?! Presents that at last I can unwrap with abandon??!!  Yes it was I think perhaps far more fun than having my own birthday, getting to see how happy she was throughout the day. Needles to say it was a three ring circus come dinner time (with family and friends round) so I did not manage to take any photos but we did take a few at breakfast, featured above.


I was inspired by Melissa over at  Tigerlily Tinkering some weeks ago, loved the idea of taking note of local fonts found in signs in her area. So in her honour I have taken a few photos of my own. There certainly are some local sign treasures to be found in the small streets of Malta! This time the fonts are the focus, to follow will be some of the actual names (hairdressers salons here are particularly funny I find). 

oh and guess what desctructo is two today!!! Cake to bake and child to indulge!  

25 October 2009

Time for a coffee....

....this cafe is a new favourite, a perfect spot for a good latte and croissant while in Valletta, especially when I am in the company of sweet little destructo who (it must be said) loves nothing better than chasing after the pigeons and saying hello to every moving thing within sight. This newly refurbished old cafe which is just next to the library is perfect, an inside outside place with ample room to run and very friendly patient staff. Did I mention they also have both almond and apricot croissants, something not so easy to find here in Malta.  

May your week be starting smoothly with warm milk and strong coffee at your side.

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