01 October 2009


So we begin, it is still here, a soft calm after a night of raging winds, rain and lightening. I am alone with my little Stella and school days have started in earnest for the older two. The small still moments, of coffee hopeful thoughts of plans for the day and soon a view from the rooftop (laundry to hang while the sun peeks through). May you all be having some moments of peace and daydreams as you make your way through Friday. - J  

30 September 2009

Or Perhaps Paris?

Oh the joys of FIP, I so love the utter randomness of this station. Today I came across this song and oh like a good cup of tea or glass of wine it is a pleasure. Her name is La Fiancee sadly she is not coming to Malta to perform any time soon, hmmm maybe we just need to go to Paris. If you want to hear some of her other songs go here.

29 September 2009

The joys

Little Destructo
of parenthood sometimes are beyond measure, there are some lows however and today (which should have been my sons first day of  'big kid school' ) was one of those not so joyous days. He and my little destructo are sick with a cold/flu type thing, not pleasant I admit, but I had to go out and do a few errands with them (bread, milk, Medicine and garlic).  Mr. T (who is our most dramatic family member) decided that a small crowded pharmacy would be the best place to stage his dying moment, hands on his throat he gets on his knees and starts yelling- ohhhh I feel a like  I am going to ...BURP, NO NO  I think i am going to THROW UP!!!! I rolled my eyes and tried to have my cash ready to go, being next in line (having seen him 5 min earlier begging to go on the swings and asking for a crackers) I had a sneaking suspicion he was NOT going to throw up (he had also been saying this for the last two hours). Meanwhile little destructo had reached out of her pushchiar and was one by one pulling the bottles of hair conditioners off the shelf, reaching down in a flurry to gather them back up I then turn in time to hand the woman behind the counter the doctors prescription, and ask to buy some hand sanitizer..(maybe it's time to start carrying this in my purse) Bird flu seems to be on everyone's lips lately here. As the pharmacist  is reaching over with it I see the womans face go a little stiff, (this is mind you a minute after my sons throwing up declaration while splayed out on the floor occurred)  to the annoyance and alarm of customers in the que behind me. Just then I look down to see she-who-lives-for-sweets  L. (3) quietly running her mouth (open) along the  counter... so much for keeping the kids free of germs with hand sanitizers! Who knows how long she had been doing this before I noticed her. Yes- we were a spectacle no doubt about it. Never a graceful exist either with three,  trying to reverse a pushchair in a small glass shelved crowded space with a kids holding on to either side, and no one leaning forward to help with the door. I won't bore you with the further adventures of our walk into town but there were many.

p.s. Needless to say little Mr. T never did throw up and today (wed) his fever has gone AND he lost his first tooth! The school will not allow him back without a doctors letter however so back to the pharmacy we go (thats where doctors do their private hours), won't they be happy to see us again!

28 September 2009

Wistful wanderings

Maybe it's fall setting in a bit here, maybe it's having had visitors from Germany these last two weeks, but (Mostly Berlin)  has me yearning to travel, to bring a book and wander through Berlin.. visiting some of the cafe's this blog has written about. I still have that tiny residue of Seattle with me I suppose, the love of a really really good latte, playful decor and a cafe that takes it's barista with total seriousness.

27 September 2009

Post colour week : bit of blue

As suggested by Not Only in Thailand, a post colours of fall day- weekend blue.  It's Sunday here and we have just returned from five days in the North of Malta, in a small flat by the sea. 
The first picture is a bowl of peeled prickly pears ready to eat.  Am impressed with the shades of magenta, yellow, orange and green you find on the insides.

The sky skapes on Thursday and Friday were quiet spectacular, as the thunder storms rolled in.

Last beach days I think, the children had a blast. School begins here on Monday. May be time to put the buckets and spades away. It's been a good long summer.

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