26 July 2008

Goodbye Winchester, goodbye England

It's come to the end of our time here, we will all miss these cobblestone streets, the lush greenery, the rushing river, our little yellow house and dear friends. Hope to be writing next from Malta (not sure exactly how long it will be till we are connected to the Internet) so good bye for a few weeks. 

25 July 2008

Film Review- Once

So after waiting nearly seven months for Once to come through our mail slot (via Love films) it finally arrived and after all the anticipation I must admit I was a little let down. It was good, and I enjoyed the film don't get me wrong. I liked the fact that it was an unsuspecting musical (or to me at least- I knew nothing about the film apart from the fact that it was Irish and good) so sorry to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it- it is a quirky musical,  in a subtle indie folk music kind of way. I enjoyed it  (but A. fell asleep) so not for everyone. If you don't like the sound of Damien Rice then this film may not be for you (thus my husband falling asleep out of slight boredom). Am impressed with what they were able to accomplish  using only a few cameras and little cash. I do think I may just have to go out and buy the sound track, for even though I was little tired of the songs by the end of the film, I must admit waking the next day and wanting to hear them again (particularly the song by the main woman sung while in pajamas walking down the street).  

23 July 2008

Few spare minutes

If you're like me and enjoy interiors, people and their environment  ....this site is VERY cool, updated every few days .   New York city people and their homes. The Selby.

Time for baking?

Not really but I wanted to try out a new recipe- cinnamon and cardamom buns from Falling Cloudberries. They turned out pretty well. The kids and Adrian ate nearly all of them before they had even begun to cool. 


22 July 2008

The title of this picture brought a smile to my face... just when the tantrums were starting to ensue between my four year old and two year old (who is certain that actually she is three).
The title is-  "Send Joan of Ark Over"  seen here
Baby Stella sleeps on- phew. 

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