01 May 2010

Happy May Day!!!

Ahh flowers, don't they always brighten the spirit!
Here are some for you.

29 April 2010

Back to England

Last weekend the little guy and  I went away, just for a few nights, just the two of us to England. We enjoyed cream tea with dear old friends, sightings of Dartmore's wild ponies slowly grazing in the misty dusk in Devon, picnics in Bath and last but certainly not least a sliver of time in the place I still refer to as 'home', Brighton.

For the most part I was busy catching up with old friends and enjoying the sight of little T getting on so well with his little buddies to take many photos. I only managed a handful. In no way does this do justice to the place or the the friends there (was not so sure you wanted your faces here). Was a very nice trip and yes, I think it reaffirmed my hope to one day return. 
Perhaps some of you have had this experience, of feeling settled in a place (may not even be your real country of origin) so much so that it feels very much like home. Finding a home away from home, am still trying to find that here but it takes time I suppose. Perhaps as well meeting my husband and starting a family in Brighton makes it all the more meaningful and familiar, 
so many fond memories. 

28 April 2010

Wednesday's Cornerview: Animals

Back from a small but delicious little trip to England, just in time for the cornerview! 

Meet this handsome fella, he lives at a relative's  farm (the exact details of which Maltese relative would take some time to explain). Bit of a runner so the only snap I managed to get was him on the move...bit blurry, apologies.  
This is where he lives.

Not exactly an animal.. a stretch admittedly but how cool of a catfish statue is this?! Spotted a top a tall pole in Plymouth, England just outside the national Aquarium. Is it just me or are catfish particularly striking looking, with their long whiskers and spiky fins?
For more cornerviews look here (right hand side).

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