13 May 2010

Friday, glad to see you again

Passing view as we drove home Thursday evening, 
 Valletta in her dusty beauty, bathed in the golden light of sunset.
 Do I really live here in this 'other' land...is this brown eyed man at my side really my husband?
 and these three round faced sleepy children are mine?
.. how ever did I get here.....
 lost in the now, the moment, the reality of it. Feels like just yesterday I was a student rushing to class. 

Of note this week:

Chick pea season is back again, and we nibble them fresh off the stalks...
here is a close up of what they look like. 

and playing round and round in our car these days is this song, (thanks honey) am now officially hooked... this is also a favourite.  

Happy Friday, hope you enjoy the weekend.
(Its the start of watermelon season here)

12 May 2010

Corner view: Statues

These two statues were spotted near a small boarded up chapel on a walk past artichoke fields (posted about some weeks ago).  They were so unassuming,  seemingly forgotten about, amid overgrown fields and flower patches. Far from any paved road.  
For more Corner views look here

09 May 2010


what arrived in the post! 
Thank you Melissa from over at Tigerlily Tinkering for the lovely bag, I love it!!! and I so dig that inside pocket! Pop round to her blog and see her brilliant  barter market idea. 
Am planning on joining once I have enough stock (nearly there). 

Happy Monday to you all 

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