30 September 2010

Happy Friday

Horray we've made it to Friday!
Now it's time for a cosy date with the Mr. 
Legligin being one of our favourites, unassumingly tucked  down a side street in Valletta, 
the owner a real food and wine lover means we never leave disappointed  {unless its all booked}. 
Hope you all have a calm relaxing weekend!

28 September 2010

Thorny start

Hello and thank you for all the great comments as regards the banner! 
My personal choice was two - {morning light in Valletta} but perhaps having the family up there is not a bad thing. The photo for this banner was taken two weeks ago at a picnic in Salina Park near Qawra, under the Eucalyptus trees and next to a modern rendition of a typical Maltese hunting hut 
{which you still come across often}. 

The photo in this post was taken last weekend, autumn in Malta actually means only a few things are brown. Mostly the island is waking up after a long dusty brown toned summer,  the heavy humid heat is almost subsiding and the rains have begun. The plants are happy and turning to a lush green again. 

Thorny because we all started school this week, child 1, 2, 3,  and myself teaching- bit bumpy at the start [photo copiers jamming just before class, wrong room key, projector cable not matching etc., meeting some 200 students and attempting to learn all their names}
I suppose settling into a new routine is never very smooth. 

Hope your week is going by with less sharp edges, 
* Am afraid no Cornerview today ,  I just could not manage it this week. 

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