02 January 2010


Originally Tramontana was what I had wanted to call this blog, for not only the sound it makes when it rolls out of your mouth but  also for it's meaning, the wind from the north, often specifically meaning from the mountains.  Most often here though it refers to a cold strong wind (like there is encirlcing and beating at the windows of our little stone house today). It also has another meaning though, that of an outsider of things from the other side of the  mountains.
It is an angry fretful wind today and as the older two children head off to the panto with their grandmother and auntie I am happy to have a quiet day in with little Destructo.

*side note -- one of my favourite things about the Maltese language is that it has specific names for all the winds (I think there are six) each with it's own personality.

31 December 2009

To new beginnings

Happy New Year

29 December 2009

Time to write

I think something inside me is calling out to write some letters, a lost forgotten art these days when emails and skyping and face book comments take but a minute or two. Letter and cards are different though, they can be savoured later, whereas who really goes back and rereads an email from a year or years ago.
I came across this shop today (Screech owl) and ohhh there is nothing like fun stationary.

28 December 2009

Boxing day

Boxing day strolls, bit of flower picking.

This unusually warm weather (even for Malta standards) isn't all bad.

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