08 October 2010

Fabric fancies

Happy Friday!

Oh to have a little time to sew! 
Perhaps I will find a small window in the hushed quiet of Sunday morning-
before the sun and children rise. 

07 October 2010

Passing down a street in Valletta last Sunday, 
 so many worn down slanting streets, with small hints of the city's former glory days. 
Small hints of stories tied to this place or that door.  

Am down with a cold, so not much posting or commenting this week.
Barely enough energy to get through my lessons and the upkeep of children and house when I get home.

03 October 2010

Blessed is the weekend

Feeling happily restored as the new week opens( thank you for your kind comments), 
with small hands clenching wild flowers,
giggling laughter at darting butterflies and happy muffin dusted faces.
Fresh air and sunshine does do wonders for a sense of calm and perspective.  
Let the new week begin!
p.s. The date night and reconnecting space to walk and talk was much appreciated too. 

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