11 March 2010


Heavy hearted day, tis never nice to start the day off out of synch with your partner. 
The whole day lies ahead with a shadow over it. 
Cloudy skies over Malta.

09 March 2010

Wednesdays' Corner view: Miniature worlds

This tiny world was part of one of the nicest 'prespju's" we saw this Christmas here in Malta. Each figure is about two and half inches tall. The detail given to these large Christmas scenes is impressive. Sometimes they take up a whole room complete with twinkling stars, running water, little sheep whose heads dip down to nibble the grass. Its a very traditional hobby especially among men, have heard that they sometimes spend the entire year slowly putting it together. Not a bad hobby to have as a retired person and then you get to show it off in the holiday season.  I wish I had taken more photos but we had three hungry whiny kids with us so I managed to only snap a few shots, which in no way does it justice!
For more cornerviews go to Spain Daily

Thoughts of summer

 as long as I am coasting on the shallow end, what with the spring 
dresses, gazing at nice interiors and so on, I mine as well carry on at the shallow end and mention these found here.

Am not really a shoe person, I own only a few pairs that last me for years but these ohh sighhh just looking at them makes me want to get up, grab a skirt and fly off to Barcelona or Copenhagen. 

07 March 2010

Rainy day house gazing

I think that the year of keeping an eye out on interior design ideas left a watermark on me.  Flicking through magazines,  sipping tea on dark wet Sunday mornings in England,  planning from afar how to set up our little house in Malta, I find I still so enjoy looking at interior design blogs and magazines. This post by design sponge of before and after shots is great for ideas. 

This post over at digs digs made me smile- I love seeing what peple can manage to do with very small spaces! 

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