13 December 2010


This weekend there have been a few of the good sort, like this gift from Portugal. 
S. you know me well- nice soap!!! 

a little something for someone else (love the picture and the tea) 
what a better thing to do then pass it on.

and then came the surprise that my gang- (the Mr. and child A.B. and C.) 
did indeed land in the windy city but with them arrived a major blizzard so they are stuck 
and I feel 100,000 miles away.  You see I needed to stay and teach so they all went first. 
I miss them already and am counting the hours till I can call and hear their little voices 
(and tales of the wind and snow and hotel room details)! 
(these two snow photos were not taken by me)

From sunny 14 degree (Celsius) Malta wishing you all a good start to the week and oh!!! 
Happy Santa Lucia Day! 

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