23 September 2010

Capers, year three

We are just past the two year point and beginning year three of life in Malta  {and of the blog} so I am overdue on updating my banner - problem is I can't seem to decide.... am open to suggestions- which would you choose?

or 3

or 4

22 September 2010

Wednesday's cornerview: 'humour'

When I think of humour the first thing that comes to mind at the moment is this show, Modern Family
 that the Mr. and I have recently started watching. We find it pretty funny, well cast and well written.
For more corner views go here

19 September 2010

New York moments

Nearly forgot, I had the good luck the last few days of my trip to the States to be with my brother and sisters in Brooklyn, and I must say I am a converted woman, if I could live in Brooklyn I would not mind living in NYC in fact I would probably love it. There were great little shops, restaurants, parks, farmers markets and flea markets .  A vibrant truly international feel and very family friendly.

Flea market- trendy as ever and with some great food...notably the home made fruit sodas-loved the plum, ginger cinnamon combo

Local six point star beer at The Farm bar-
The brewer happens to be a friend of my brother's with Wisconsin ties so we learned some of the secretes,
Walked past an evening jazz concert just starting...

local streets

You betcha- I had brunch!
It is something I really miss, there is nowhere here in Malta that serves brunch as far as I am aware.
So I fully enjoyed eating at this little restaurant,  the plum crepes were calling my name, so too the rhubarb muffins! Yummmm

Off to a new week, hope yours is starting off well!

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