15 March 2013

Forays into Printing

Sometimes you just need a little push (at least I do anyway), and this month I got just that from my dear friend Melissa over at A Happy Stitch. Melissa invited me to take part in a hand printed fabric swap organised by Maze and Vale
Having never considered printing onto fabric before, 
it was just the little nudge I needed to give it a go.  So I joined and was happily surprised with how some of the prints came out. I also really enjoyed the process of linoleum cutting. Am actually now thinking of making a few hand printed linen skirts for the upcoming arts market next month. 

As it was a the long election weekend here in Malta and I had all four children plus an extra one with me. I decided to include them all in the stamp designing and was especially impressed with the images they came up with! I will however have to show them in a later blog post because I am off now to the post office, my four fabric squares will soon be on their way to new homes in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the US. 

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