07 February 2013

Film Spotting

As the windy days of rain skip through its usual winter path here on the island,
one of my recent  pleasures is slipping out in the evenings and going to the cinema. 

Life of Pi 

I thought this was a beautiful film, and is a rare example of a film being on par with the book it is based on. It truly does justice to the pages of the book. Spectacular to see on the big screen, many a stunning scene to savour in the drawers of your  memory afterwards. Highly recommended. 


Not one I was very enthusiastic about beforehand,  and it must be said also that I am not a fan of Ben Affleck so it says a lot that I think both the film and his acting (and directing) were quite good.
 I liked the fact that although it is rather far fetched storyline it is based on a true story. A good film but not necessarily one you need to see on the big screen nor one that stays with you for very long afterwards, at least that was my experience. 

Les Miserable

GO go see this film...it is so worth watching on the big screen. I thought it was very well acted, well cast and the music was fantastic (yes even Russel Crow did a fair job in his role!) ...marvellous. I thought it was a very very good production.
It moved me to tears and I found myself humming the songs days after. 


I went to see this film last night and it is still sitting with me now, 
I thought it was beautiful and touching, traumatic and very sad but most of all it seems a very real depiction of the last days of a persons life (a person who dies of 'old age' ).  The very last days of life are often  not easy or pretty and you really see this but you also get to see this kind of beauty and depth of love between the couple.  It is a very good film that manages to say a great deal with out using many words. See it but be prepared, it does leave you contemplating the death of our partner, of yourself, of your parents and those near to you. At least that it how I felt afterwards. 
It also made me very appreciative of being so alive and relatively young. 

Next to see is Lincoln which I am so looking forward to!

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