09 December 2010

Winter Feasts

I went to collect my Italian friend for our weekly evening stroll around the harbour (The Grand Harbour as it is officially called). Just down the street I met this procession, the Bormla Feast was in full swing and the local statue was making her solemn way through the narrow streets. Its been a bumpy week of late nights,work stress and kid mishaps (my little Mr. T had a bit of  crash and is pretty battered and bruised).
The chance meeting with this statue as she made her annual pilgrimage through the village streets was a highlight of the week, isn't she stunning?

05 December 2010


A slow weekend feels utterly delicious ....

a few of my gang were under the weather so we sadly had to opt out of picnic and art sessions
but with the cold winds finally blowing (its around 13 now) (nothing like the white wonderland the South of England has been having or Germany or Wisconsin or Colorado) but it felt really cold to us, so it was nice to stay in, cut out paper snowflakes, get down the Christmas box, put some lights up (and with my Mr. Grinch away working) I could blast cheesy Christmas songs with no worry!

The wild ones; magpie, lego-head and D are the most excited yet.. every day really is a count down
(which confuses little D so she plays it safe and every morning asks to be sure- is it today??!!! Christmas birthday is today?! ) NOOOOoooooo come all our  voices ....not yet.
 I think in her mind Christmas is Father Christmas's birthday.
We baked cookies and danced around to Louis Armstrong's ... Zatt you Santa Claus.
I do love the season... time again for chocolate chestnut soup!
Happy start of December to you all.

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