19 July 2008

Am very fond of birds that must be said and find these images really beautiful at Geninne's art store


I must start off with explaining the recent annoying new obsession of my husband's... it's not enough to read late into the night abstract papers on computer functions noooo the latest find is he has discovered a vast selection of  computer related podcasts.  German IT specialists going on for hours about the latest computer science trends (with subjects like relating technologies such as 00 and SOA - if interested here is the site with the podcastssoftware engineering radio ) . He has even taken to listening late at night and in bed to these radio shows! BUT today -Saturday he woke up early  made cafe miels (lattes with honey and cinnamon) for us both and a delicious fratata (Spanish omelet) today with tomatoes, spinach, red pepper, fresh basil and Parmesan as all three children slept and quizzed me in Maltese at the kitchen table.  Then a little later as the children sat watching morning cartoons led  me into the kitchen to dance to this song (as he was doing the dishes he was inspired to dance by this song) - Lo dudo from this album- Los Canciones de Almodovar (a good album if you like this sort of thing- dramatic Spanish singing). Although a bit of a computer geek it must be said he is a romantic guy and I do appreciate the weekend when he is around.  

18 July 2008

So excited!

My dear friend A. gave us the most wonderful going away gift - a new cook book!! 
This one looks really good, can't wait to get unpacked in our new red kitchen and start cooking!!! The author is half Finish, half Greek Cypriot and married to an Italian. She grew up in South Africa and brings all these aspects of her life together- pretty interesting mix huh.... 
Not to mention the photo of Tessa Kiros the author, who looks like a glamorous Bollywood actress.  Falling Cloudberries.

16 July 2008


I really do more than window shop.. it's just that I am in that 'witching hour time' waiting for my partner to come back from work... dinner more or less ready and all three children are sitting near me- some watching t.v. and the other serving me some pretend tea.  Just happened to see this- think the sales are everywhere here because summer didn't exactly happen and it's nearly August! Check out Boden now. 

Wednesday's dress

Amid packing up the kitchen pots and pans I called a time out and made Stella another summer dress.  At last it's warm here and it's been a few days since I touched my sewing machine... my days are numbered with my ole clunky Singer machine (too heavy to cart with us) . I call it the summer tomato dress. By the way Stella is starting to stand!!

15 July 2008


Love this man's art work. 

14 July 2008

Cardamom plum torta

Although we have quite the collection of Mediterranean focused cook books I think this guys site will be one I will be visiting quite often Figs Bay Wine- . We walked under a fully loaded plum tree on our way back from the park today and I pondered what to do with lots of plums and this seems worth trying. I do love cardamom. 

*Side note- our reason for needing to leave the park in a  rush was my four year old son scraped his toe (ohhh the drama!!) but this led to a lengthy discussion as regards blood... why do people bleed... what is blood and why do we have it... where does it come from, who makes it...why does it come out...  ohh the questions never end! I was grateful for the distraction of the squashed plums that we passed --  fruit trees...the start of a new discussion. Thus my mind on plums as we reached home. 


13 July 2008

It's all in the name

Calm Olive branch - need I say more. Thinking a summer dress could be nice made of this (for myself this time). 

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