11 September 2009


is a little bit fun -

perhaps he has been around for some time but this is the first I have heard of him- check out the Face Hunter blog. I love seeing people who take on a style of their own. These are a few from his Berlin section (he goes round the world and photos people on the street).


In my tastes anyway, much like the experience of growing to like (love actually) Geit Ost (the brown goatcheese) while living in Norway. I have come to love some Maltese specialities, like Kinnie (the national soft drink) and pickled onions, todays lunch was one of my recent favourites, fresh local bigilla (bought at the market this morning) served on today's bread, parsley and tomatoes. Bigilla is a broad bean spread usually made with Garlic and any combination of spices, no two seem to taste the same.

(One my favourite streets on the walk to the market)
By the way, kids have given the thumbs up on the blue doors and so has A, so I suppose we will stick with it. Funny, now the picture in our kitchen (red and blue print of Obama) is like the cross over from the outside to the inside.
Apologies to your eyes, we seem to have endless red surfaces, this was taken as I joined the kids on their kid table for a picnic lunch. Just realised it too is turquoise and red!

07 September 2009

Some days

Things just work and others it all goes horribly wrong in small little ways all day long.
Today was one of those days- I had great hopes of finally painting the hideous tan metal doors in our courtyard. But in two ways this endeavor went awry, the first being that one should not start to paint something (with non water based paint) when young children are a foot.

For at just the point (nearly done and getting a little relaxed and carefree) I looked to see little Mr T. who desperately wanted me to look at his upside down submarine made for trains ... and in that moment, the entire can of paint slipped out of my hand and spilled ALL OVER ME, THE STONE FLOOR AND THE LADDER (borrowed from my in laws). My little guy notice an unusual word coming from my mouth and quickly ran over to help - walking right through the bright blue paint. If I wasn't covered in paint I would have taken a picture, it was a site! Slightly worrying, especially when I had not exactly told my husband that I would be embarking on this little DIY project. So with an hour to go before A. would get back from work and with minutes to go before destructo (my one year old) would wake up from nap (paint splatter and footprints EVERYWHERE), I did what one sometimes needs to do in these situations. LAUGH. Somehow it made it all better, it did take me ages to clean it all up ( I was by the end wreaking of kerosene having managed to spread paint form my hand to my face, as well as my elbow, forearm and knee ). I did clean it up in the end - JUST IN TIME. Then came lesson number two, a small square of colour looks very different on a larger scale! Twas all in vain- you look at the colour and think that you're in a fish tank- not the shade of turquoise I was going for after all. What to do?!
Pretty hideous- especially when one takes into account we have a bright red kitchen (as seen above), wouldn't red out doors have been a bit too much red though?! Back to the drawing board...anyone have any suggestions?! The walls are all old yellow sandstone so bold colours can work. Oddly the colour is already starting to feel normal.

On another note, I did have a good cooking day yesterday and made this caramel ice cream from the lovely Falling Cloudberries cookbook, the result- three very happy children. (Notice the ugly old tan metal door in the back ground).

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