25 December 2009

Happy Holidays

The smalls are enjoying their gingerbread house (it is being nibbled on hourly with or without permission) even with its wonky upside down roof. Happy coffee sipping moments watching the wee ones play amid airplanes, trains and play dough ice cream  . The Mr. is convinced he has swine flu and is still not better.
Hope you too are able to find some peace and happiness this holiday season.


  1. Hey, many happy returns to you and your lovely family. If your Mr is convinced of H1n1 why don't he do the swob test (or whatever it's called!!) I admire your courage for doing the gingerbread house. I've always wanted to but never had the courage to see how it is done.

  2. Hope you had a wonderful day (am loving the gingerbread house) and that 2010 brings you much love, laughter and happiness!!

    C x


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