03 October 2010

Blessed is the weekend

Feeling happily restored as the new week opens( thank you for your kind comments), 
with small hands clenching wild flowers,
giggling laughter at darting butterflies and happy muffin dusted faces.
Fresh air and sunshine does do wonders for a sense of calm and perspective.  
Let the new week begin!
p.s. The date night and reconnecting space to walk and talk was much appreciated too. 


  1. Oh how I miss those days!


  2. It's amazing what a little break from the daily routine will do, for everyone! So glad you had a chance to re-charge. Love the family photos. You are blessed for sure.

    May your weekend joys carry you through the week ahead!


  3. It's remarkable what the weekend break can bring to each and everyone of us. I'm glad you had a lovely weekend. WIsh you a wonderful week :))

  4. Your weekend looks so nice, we had a very warm oktober day yesterday and enjoyed a autumn walk and some jummie icecreams. Have a lovely week ;-)

  5. A good weekend is just the tonic we need to face a new week! Glad you had a good one!

    C x

  6. I love the butterfly photo!

    I agree with your readers, there is nothing better than a relaxing weekend to face a new week, it's a new day..

  7. Oh, Juniper, I am just catching back up with your blog. Congratulations on entering year three! I loved all of your banner photo options, and the one you selected is absolutely gorgeous. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend, and wishing you a beautiful week. xo Gigi

  8. Just lovely, made me take a deep breath of appreciation.

  9. Great photos! It looks like you indeed had some lovely moments this weekend


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